Our Vision

Light Of the Dark Season, is a new invented blog site created purposely to serve communities, through so many activity that could change the life of thousands and linger long in the boxes of memories. As we all know that, awareness is paramount in every community that has a vision or determination for the future. Our vision so far, comprises all sorts of vital tools that are useful and needed the most at all time. However, is not best in personal belief and ideas, rather, it is a compilation of intensive survey and public questionnaire, gathered explicitly to remedy some of humanity's problems.
Furthermore, Our target is to create a good conducive atmosphere, whereby we enrich the mindset of people with talent in a manner which could easily help enhance their Capabilities towards achieving their dreams and goals. Additionally, this medium would serve consistently and concurrently in providing relative vital contents in relation to self-awareness, public discussion analysis, Critism, important daily life relative cases and also, how to help our youth create a better life with efficient sustainability.

Our Mission

The wayward and the complete divergent of teenager character, from the normal behavior, is absolutely worrisome and troubling today. This is induced by emotional desperation, negative influences and lack of moral attached to it. Teenagers of today, twisted five positive things with their opposite; Studies with social media, dignity with materialism, self-respect with sexual pleasure, and more importantly the misuse of advanced technology, which is the most practicable aspect of teenagers everywhere.

Relatively, this but nothing else, triggered our inward motives and awaken our sightning to perceive closely and act accordingly to create this Blog. This site is not limited to only creating awareness, but would also produce other entertaining programmes and educating articles and also interesting books that will enlighten The life of our Youth. The teens of today are wholly non-typical of their parents ‘in both moral and religious. The anomalous behavior adopted by pubescent teenagers have somewhat increased and deteriorated intensely in the negative way.

Lastly, This site will adequately provide chances and opportunities for young couples, advices on marital relations, help in resolving divorce issues and offer intensive training and programme for both women and men interested in either, marital, educational, life relating issues, how to choose you ways and find your talents and the likes. The hope for better tomorrow is based on one’s determination.