The Author in a Nutshell: Saidu Murtala Liman was born on 29 Aug. 1989 at a small district called Rigachikun, Igabi Local Government Area, Kaduna State of Nigeria. He won his 'O, level certificate in Government School Birnin Yero Kaduna State in 2009. In 2010, he secured an admission into Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, where he meditates in the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Department of Islamic Studies in Foreign Languages. Also in 2012, he was elected into the position of Assistant General Secretary of the prominent Nigerian Students' Union in Egypt [N.S.U.E].

Sa'eed had certificates from Wesleyan University, in the field of creative writing, which includes: The craft of plot, character, settings, description and style. And another certificate in psychology, from University of Toronto. Also, had a certificate from University of Georgia in inspiring leadership known as [Emotional intelligence], and a certificate from University of California Davis in coaching practice and managing as a coach.

Sa'eed is also the founder of so many self-improvement site including, '' the impact project '' '' The Pen '' and '' Light of the dark season ''

Surayya Aminu was born on the 17 of Dec 1998 in Lagos state of Nigeria. After which her parents relocated to Kaduna state where she attended her primary school at L.E.A Rigachikun and attended her Secondary school at Al-Mustapha Academy. Surayya still in her early stage is studying mass communication At Nuhu Bamalli polytechnic Zaria Kaduna state.
While still in college, Surayya among so many teenagers, was lucky to be granted and opportunity based on her talent and indefatigable character a role of an actress and also shining start in one of the best private TV channel in the country Arewa24 a program named ‘’Kwana Casa’in’’ which is recorded in local Hausa dialect. Before this, Surayya appeared in so many TV programs, including comedy, Film making, Advertisement and the likes.
Additionally, Surayya earned so many Awards from private and public organizations and also, running as head of so many groups towards a better community services. she created so many Mediums through which people are been enlightened about their daily life style and self-improvement programs.